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Copper Rose Charcuterie Board

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This rosey gold with copper charcuterie board is completely unique with it's blend of colors. Made with Epoxy Resin Art that features resin crystals, crushed glass, glitter and pigments.  (swipe for video)

These charcuterie boards are both beautiful and fully functional. Use to display meat, cheeses, home decor or candles! Perfect for Entertaining!

Dimensions: 17.5 inches x 12 inches wide

Each piece is handmade and completely unique.

All artwork is sealed with a FDA compliant epoxy resin for incidental food contact. These decadent charcuterie boards should never be cut on. Wax paper can be used to display food and will prolong the life of your board.

****Also available in a circular shape****


  • Handle with care, most creations include some element of resin crystals and crushed glass, some pieces can be sharp. So handle with care.

  • Avoid the use of chemical and abrasive cleaners. Clean with window cleaner and soft cloth. To remove dust in textured areas, use a microfibre duster or non-residue compressed air.

  • Hand wash only with damp cloth and dish soap. Do NOT soak.

  • Do NOT cut on epoxy resin. Only wood should be used for cutting and serving.

Thank you for supporting my small business!